王家衛監督作品 恋する惑星について  Directed by Wong kar wai about Chungking Express


こんにちは。アジア映画繋がりで借りてみました。以前にも一度観たことのある作品です。「映画の見方」というブログにこの作品の良い感想があります。「牯嶺街少年殺人事件」(1991)が台湾の歴史背景と密接に関係していたようにこの作品も香港が1997年にイギリスの植民地から返還される歴史背景が関係しているらしいです。「映画の見方」の感想でも触れられていましたが、カメラワークが独特です。ほとんどハンディカメラで撮られた映像はドキュメンタリーのような効果があって、登場人物の生活がより生々しく感じられます。WIKIPEDIAによると、この作品は別の映画の撮影の合間に即興的に撮られたそうで、なんというか勢いがあります。関係ない話ですが、YouTube の動画にパスピエの「チャイナタウン」のMADがあって、そのMADの中でこの「恋する惑星」の映像が使われています。このMADを作っている「virtual co-Operation」というチャンネルは他にも幾つかMADを作っているのですが、どれもセンスが良いです。普通こういうMADは音楽を映像に合わせることに重きを置きますが、このチャンネルの場合、僕もどういう風に作っているかは知りませんが、無作為に映画の映像を全体の色の印象でカテゴライズしている感じがします。「チャイナタウン」という言葉から感じる色のイメージ、僕の場合は中国と言うことで赤と黄色ですが、その色のイメージから映像をチョイスしているため、アジア映画に限らず、洋画もアニメーションも入ってきます。そのセンスが抜群で、しかもところどころきちんとリズムに合わせた映像が挟み込まれているので、観ていて楽しいです。結局映画の感想はあまり書いていませんが、映画を観て一番思ったことは音楽で踊る女の子は可愛い、ということです。前はあまりそんなことは感じませんでしたが最近何故かそう思うようになりました。


Hello. I borrowed it through Asian movie connection. It's a work I've seen before. There is a good impression of this work on the blog "How to read a movie"A Brighter Summer Day" (1991) was closely related to Taiwan's historical background, this work also seems to have a historical background related to the historical background of Hong Kong being returned from the British colony in 1997. It was also mentioned in the impression of "How to watch a movie", but the camera work is unique. Mostly taken with a handy camera, the video has a documentary-like effect, and the life of the characters feels more vivid.According to Wikipedia, this work was improvised between shootings of another movie, and it has some momentum. It doesn't matter, but there is a MAD of Paspier's "Chinatown" in the YouTube video, and the video of this "Chungking Express" is used in that MAD. There are several other channels called "virtual co-Operation" that make this MAD, but they all have good taste. Normally, this kind of MAD places an emphasis on matching music with images, but in this channel, I don't know how I'm making it, but I feel like I'm categorizing the movie's images randomly with the impression of the whole color. " The image of the color I feel from the word "Chinatown", in my case it is red and yellow by saying China, but because I choose the image of that color, not only Asian movies, but also foreign movies and animations come in. That sense is outstanding, and there are images that match the rhythm properly, so it's fun to watch. After all, I haven't written much impressions of the movie, but what I thought the most when I saw a movie is that girls dancing with music are cute. I didn't feel that much before, but recently I've come to think so for some reason.


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I thought the second story resembled something, and I remembered that it is very similar to "Lost House" (1995), the title of Yumiko Oshima's "Lost House" (2001). This "Chungking Express" was produced in 1994, so it may have been influenced by something. The setting that the main character is sleepwalking is very interesting in the movie. Kiyoshi Kurosawa also says that from the moment the video grammar that makes the movie consists of cuts and makes you feel the passage of time is established, even if it is a minute after crossing the cut, people who realize that it can be expressed in an instant in a year later will create a movie that dreams and reality are mixed. It has been done. Before I knew it, there were many works that became the dream world of the characters, but the method may be a characteristic of the movie.