松岡錠司監督作品 深夜食堂について Directed by Joji Matsuoka About the midnight cafeteria


hello. I like Kaoru Kobayashi's acting. It's rude to say that he doesn't see much, but he's not such an exposed actor, so when he appears occasionally, I'm afraid I like watching it for a while.Because I belonged to the Juro Kara Situation Theater, I think that I was acting like an underground when I was young, but like Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Shintaro Sakamoto, I think that when I was young, I did intense things. The more human beings who make it, the more mature and quiet it may be that such turbid things are contained in it as it gets older.The director, Joji Matsuoka, also likes "Toire no Hanako-san" (1995), but it seems that it is made by the standard shooting method that is common in movies, and in fact it requires a lot of sense. So, it is a writer who has an extraordinary shot that makes you feel writer in the masses, while being established as entertainment, which is similar to Roman Polanski and Steven Spielberg.This "Midnight Shokudo" (2015) has been made into a movie of the TV series, and the opening that starts from the night view of Tokyo, which is familiar to the TV series, has not changed. The story consists of three episodes, and I personally like the story of Mikako Tabe, but she thinks she is good at acting angry. She also watched "Yasuko to Kenji" (2008) and "Deka Wanko" (2011), but I think her angry acting is based on her voice quality.I personally like the feeling of the voice when I get angry. Dialects often appear in this movie. The dialect makes us feel the difference between the equal region and the city. Another story, the story of the Fukushima earthquake, is a fairly deep and sensitive topic. However, creators are also an inevitable topic.

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There was a dialogue between Kaoru Kobayashi and Shigesato Itoi in "Hobonichi Itoi Shimbun", and I read a lot of interesting stories there. It was interesting to talk about Kara Juro's "Situation Theater" and to dig a well at his own place, but the most interesting story was that Kaoru Kobayashi liked the acting of Chishu Ryu.Partly because of that, I thought that the way of shooting this "Midnight Shokudo" is similar to Yasujiro Ozu. Sky shots of landscapes and cameras basically use fixes, and the area is similar. It was also good that the punch line was attached properly.